Skogsberg & Smart, Hurricane Boule, Perfumed Candle Night Fever

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Skogsberg&Smart, Hurricane Boule, Perfumed Candle Night Fever

The Hurricane Boule Perfumed Candle is truly a Boule with benefits. The candle is made with premium quality Eco Soy wax and when the candle has burned out, wash the inside with liquid soap and your lantern lives a second life. Night Fever becomes a stunning black Hurricane Boule vase. Night Fever´s  scent will awake the feeling of deep Swedish midwinter forest. A sensuel and exclusive scent that consist of birch, rose, jasmine and leather. It burns for 55-60 hours and afterwards you can easily wash your Hurricane Boule with soap and water and abracadabra you have a beautiful black vase.